In my work, I explore the territory between sculpture and painting, reality and fantasy, and the present and distant futures.

I think through making. I begin projects without knowing their destination, and trust that I’ll find my way forward.

My new work grows from dying gardens. Working in relief sculpture, I take garden forms – such as plants, dirt, debris, and fencing – and merge and disassemble them to create a kind of visual chaos. Within this jumble, I search for new images and if my findings are few, I scramble the work again. This circular process of making a mess and finding order gives me time to meditate on the subject and clarify my thoughts surrounding it.

As I transformed these end-of-season Edens, I considered the evolution of nature, the eventual end of the Anthropocene, and imagining what might come after us. They became the bones from which I scried possible futures, and I hope they serve viewers in a similar way. 

Erin Frances Brown