I create painted relief sculptures that explore the natural world through fantasy and exist in the territory between abstraction and representation.

In my current work, I use plant life to consider themes of growth and decay on multiple scales – from plants themselves to the overarching rhythms of epochs and the universe.  

My process is intuitive and narrative. I merge forms from my environment to create a kind of visual chaos. Within this, I forage for new images, telling myself stories about what I see and letting those fictions guide the work. I also play with the interaction of relief and painting to manipulate the viewer’s perception of space, light, surface, and shadow. They are forced to walk around the work to determine illusion from reality and find hidden details, adding a performative element to the work.

With botanical imagery, blending painting and relief, full-surface gesture, and intuitive process, my practice connects with artists like Tanya Marcuse, Loie Hollowell, Cecily Brown, and Max Ernst. 

Erin Frances Brown