My works are open-ended experiments in image-making. I trust my intuition and allow each step to inform the next.

My ideas are centered on fantasy. To me, this includes how I perceive and feel the external world and the ways I try to reshape it by imagining alternate realities. 

In my early work, this took the form of hybrid human sculptures – figures combined with elements like animals, strange materials, light, and weather. 

In my new work, I’m exploring invented landscapes and using painted relief sculpture as my medium. I combine images from my environment in a weave-like modelling process that transforms them into something new – vortices of chaotic movement, changing perspectives, vibrant colours, and otherworldly shapes that challenge conventions within the landscape genre. Right now, I’m focused on dying plant-life. Their complex shapes make them shapeshifters, able to mimic extensive varieties of environments, creatures, and states of mind. Also, dying plants seem especially small and temporary to me, and I enjoy transposing them into big and long-lasting phenomena.